Join us for  Veterans' Month at the Museum

Free Admission for Veterans All Month! 


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November Events (Open to the Public)                                                                                                               

San Diego County Veteran of the Year Awardees:

                                    2017-2018 Veteran of the Year

                                                                 Robert Muth   


     2017 Will Hays Lifetime Support of Veterans Award

                                                                  Gary Rossio


                                  2017 Veterans Allegiance Award

                                                Honor Flight San Diego



                2017 Meritorious Support of Veterans Award

                                             Motivated Military Movers




Nov. 17, 18, 19 -

Our Partnership with Bodhi Tree Concerts Continues!

November 25th - 

Cygnet Theater is Back in the Museum!

December 1st and 2nd - 

Balboa Park December Nights

at the Veterans Museum  

December 7th


The Veterans Museum at Balboa Park honors the men and women who served their country in the U.S. Armed Forces and Wartime Merchant Marine by documenting their contributions and experiences and preserving their legacy for future generations through their individual stories.

If you're interested in telling your story whether it happened 50 years ago or last year, contact us! We want to tell the individual stories of all veterans!


The Veterans Memorial Center, Inc. (DBA The Veterans Museum at Balboa Park) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization IRS EIN: 33-0361154; California Registry of Chritable Trusts: CT-76500.



Kumeyaay Elementary School

5th grade visits the museum.

Veterans Museum Video

San Diego's Veterans Museum Provides Honorable Burials

Spirit of 45 2013

Aerial view of Veterans Museum